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My dog is not eating anymore -pancreatic tumor
Please help! We were just told that our little girl, Caitlin, a mix lab 11 year old, had a pancreatic tumor.
First of all, do you have any info about that? Almost no information on internat about canone pancreatic dogs.
Also, she is not eating anymore, neuther the vet suggested food. What to do? I know there is anything to do for her, but we are not able in leeting her go, she seems still happy in seeing us and playing with us...
What can I do to let her eat... anything......
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Sorry to hear of this serious diagnosis in your dog. Can I assume it was diagnosed with an ultrasound exam?

If the diagnosis is correct, and she is not eating, there are a variety of tubes that can be placed to allow you to maintain her weight and enrgy with liquid or semiliquid diets. The simplest to place and maintain is the espohagostomy tube, which is placed on the left side of the neck and stays put with a  light wrap and a couple of anchoring sutures. These can remain in place for months or longer.

If your veterinarian is not offering you this option, or the diagnosis was not made with ultrasound or surgery, then you may need a second opinion. Consider seeing a board certified internist (credential is "DACVIM") to do so.

Good luck with her. Nutritional supplementation, even in the face of a form of cancer, can be very helpful to her quality of life.


Arnold L. Goldman DVM, MS
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