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adenosquamous carcinoma

My dog has just been diagnosed with adenosquamous carcinoma. The vet found a small lump inside her mouth, on top of her upper teeth. They did a biopsy last week (with concerns she might have melamona at first)
The results came back yesterday, and we found out she has adenosquamous carcinoma.
I recently moved my dog from Canada to Japan with me, therefore I am not too sure about the different procedures. I need a vet's advice if you get a case like my dog, what are the choices?
My dog is a female miniature poodle, she will be 12 years old in February.
She is very healthy and had been on a natural home made diet for over 4 years.

After a blood work and CT scan, they said there is nothing unusual, except after the biopsy result is back, it is adenosquamous carcinoma.

Their options are to remove the lump as well as 3 of her teeth, and chemotherapy once a month, for 6 months.
Please tell me your advice. I would also like to treat her with holistic food, to help heal the cancer.
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Dr. Cheng, please give me your advice. I would love to hear your opinion in this. Thank you so much.
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My dog was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that spread to the bone.  I could have put him thru chemo for 3 months only to have him live another 3 months.  So, I treated him with pain meds and chinese herbs.  He lived 7 months and did not have to go thru the agony of chemo / radiation.  You will need to decide what is right for your dog.  Hopefully, if you do aggressive treatment, it will remove the cancer and your dog will have quality of life.  
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