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My boxer was diagnosed with Lymphoma about 6 months ago.  The tumor was removed, along with the affected lymph node.  My vet said the tumor was actually growing outside the lymph node.  He has been on prednisolone, started at 100mg, then down to 50mg and now down to 25mg per day.  He is also taking DHA omega 3, on a lower protein diet with NO red meat proteins (chicken based food).  My vet did some research and found out about artemisin, which he has been on as well for about 3-4 months now, taking a break each month for a week.  He has NO swollen lymph nodes any where else in his body.  We were getting him checked every week, then every two weeks and now he is seen once a month.  He is full of energy and does not seem to have any other side effects or issues.  He does not seem like a dog with cancer (definitely repeated by my vet).  Just wondering if anyone else has used the artemisin because there is not very much about any dosages.  Also, there seems to be a nationwide out of stock on prednisolone and I have about 10 days left.  Might have to switch to prednisone for now until it's back in stock.  Any thoughts?

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There has been a lot of research into artemisin, but not in American literature. I supervised a farm growing 120 acres of the plant to be broken down by super critical  carbon dioxide solvents to treat malaria. Use o the herb goes back at least 2,000 years. Indeed the problem with all herbal meds is the inability to determine an exact dosage. The reason for the extraction process is to produce a measureable consistant dose to provide clinical trails. We used selective breeding of the plants, and the variation was up to 10 times in medicine in a given plant. Over ten years we optimized the amount of medicine from each plant, however purchasing the plant is russian roulette, unfortunately. We recently shut down the farm so I can no longer supply anyone with high-quality artemisia.
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Congratulation's on your dog's longevity.  I hope he continues to do well.

Just a quick note.  Prednisone should work as well as prednisolone in your boxer.   Prednisolone is more important in cats.

The dose of Artemisinin is 200mg daily for a boxer sized dog.  We use Allergy research or NutriCology brands at my practice.  If your dog is currently taking more than 200mg and there are no side effects than continue with the higher dose.  If he is taking less than gradually increase to the 200mg dose.

There are many other additional  holistic options to consider.  Please post again if your would like additional information.  
Thank you,  Dr. Aleda Cheng
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