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squamous cell carcinoma

My dog has a tumor on his outer ear flap, close to the tip measuring approx. 3/8" long and slightly thinner. Pink and flaky texture to it. Whats the cost to remove this tumor and success rates once removed?
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Dear pbc,

Tumors come in a number of types. Assuming yours has already been diagnosed as squamous cell carcinoma by biopsy or fine needle aspirate, then it should definitely come off.

Success rate can be defined as pet alive after surgery, tumor completely removed after surgery, tumor never comes back at that location or anywhere else on the pet.
Safe anesthetic management is the only real risk of the procedure. See my blog elsewhere on this site for a detailed discussion of that subject.

Assuming a solitary mass out near the tip of the pinna (ear flap), it should be fairly straightforward to remove enough normal tissue around the mass (2 - 3 cm in every direction) to assure clean margins.

As far as cost, it varies greatly by veterinarian, region and breadth of services delivered. Ask your doctor for an estimate. More importantly make sure he/she
communicates with you clearly and in the detail you require.


Arnold L. Goldman DVM, MS
MedHelp & PDOC
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