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systemic lymphoma

my baby biscuit was diagnosed with lymphoma. on june 2 .I went to see the Oncology on the 4of june.
I dont want to put her through the stress of Chemotherapy .he only gave me 3 choices.wis protocol. doxo.and ccnv.
she is at stage 3 . the only test i had done is a biopsy at my vet.please tell me if any thing that will not put her in any pain or stress. but live for as long a she can . i want to loose her.in 2 months.please help
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Get you baby on EVO dogfood that can help extend her life. Don't give her ANY CARBS OR SUGAR. cancer feeds off of carbs & sugar- you are starving cancer to death with not giving it anything to live off of. My baby has stage 4 on the cusp of stage 5 matastisized cancer. They say 6 months will be successful. She is not acting like she has cancer- every one is so surprised she is that far along. I giver her chicken tighs, legs or breast meet ans EVO Turkey and Chicken little bites dog food and no grain treats. I did the chemo. for two weeks she got sick and I stopped giving it to her, if she is only going to live 6 months I wil not let her last 4 or 5 with me be sick. I want her to enjoy what time she has left and if I can extend that time by giving her no carbs or sugar than that's the road I have chosen for her and I to go down together. My heart breaks for you, I know putting an animal to sleep was one of the hardest decions I ever had to make in the past, even harder than a divorce.LOL I guess because I loved them so, so much.
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