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swollen lymph groin, liver focus, advice?

Anyone with any advice, experience, thoughts, any comments at all are greatly appreciated.  

29 year old female in bed since the end of September and still undiagnosed. My symptoms include weight loss 8-15 lbs. (weight 103 lbs). I have been having GI problems for 4 years off and on and not able to eat very many foods these days (and consistently for the last 2.5 months). No blood, but frequent diarrhea and food intolerances.I have seen a GI doctor who does not believe that I need scoping. I also have low blood pressure and tachycardia, which I won't go into much here, as well as numbness and tingling in my legs, arms and head. Headaches, as well and a host of other symptoms. I need to rule out cancer because of the following ultrasound finding: A solitary 3.4cm echogenic focus is noted in left lobe with appearances most likely representing a cavernous hemangioma. This "hemangioma" was not there last year when I had an abdominal ultrasound performed.

Blood work:        • Hemoglobin:   High      153  %  reference range  (115-150)
                         • Neutrophils:    High      82.5 % (40.0-70.0)
                         • Lymphocytes: Low      12.2  %  (15.0 -45.0)
                         • ABS. Neutrophils High 7.40 %  (2.00-7.00)
                         • Bilirubin fluctuates between 24 - 33  High (0.0 -21.0). All other liver tests normal.
                         • Positive ANA test 1:160 w/ homogeneous & speckled patterns
                         • Reactive EBV & CMV (Mono test is neg.)

• Everything else is normal and most of the doctors that I've seen don't seem concerned with much aside form the ANA, which apparently could be attributed to an autoimmune disorder, but I have read that it could also be related to cancer.  Is any of my blood work at all indicating that this could be the C word? I have noticed over the last week that I have 3-5 small painful lymph nodes in my groin and I'm having a hard time getting my mind off of the ultrasound in relation to that. I have an abdominal CT scheduled for December 9th, but am still worried. I am so fatigued I can't really do much at all. Thank you so much for taking the time to consider this post.

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I have had an abdominal ultrasound and pelvic ultrasound and so far none of the doctors are concerned, should I be?
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