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19yo Male- Lump in neck


I'm a nineteen year old male living in Australia.

For about two weeks, I have discovered a lump just bellow my hairline (at the base of my skull) at the back of my head. The lump is about the size of a wall-nut. It is not painful, and very hard. It is under the skin, unlike a pimple.

I went to the doctors, and he seems told me it was nothing to worry about, and that it was most likely a swollon gland. However I have never had a swollon gland in that location, and its not painful.

Am I looking to much into this?
Something just doesn't feel right about this.....

Otherwise, i'm a perfectly healthy individual, rarely sick.

Thank you very much,
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I would get a second opinion  it's all kinds of  reasons why you have a swollen lympnode......Did the doctor do any blood work on you? What did he say?
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I had this around 3-4 years ago in High School. It is exactly as you describe. My lump went away after a week or two. I first was scared and thought it was some type of lymphoma but it resolved itself.

I do have a history of ear infection, I'm not sure if that could have any connection with this.
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umm... yea.. get a second opinion. Walnut sized hard bumps aint normal.
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