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A hard midline neck lump and palbable submedibular glands

Hi my names pinar , I am new to this forum I have a symptoms that is making me so  scared and I would like to ask advice from experts in this group.
around 24 days ago I developed a  fever that was keeping coming back with fatigue after I got a severe pain from decayed upper wisdom teeth and at the same time a pain from swollen lymph under my chin at the size of pea.

I immediately went to the hospital and after brief inspection they told me its probably from the teeth and prescribed antibiotics and made me an appointment to extract the infected wisdom teeth after 1 month.

initially the fever went away but other symptoms start to show up like stiff neck and frequent waking ups from sleep which i dissmissed it as an stress . A days after that I found out a hard neck lump at the midline of neck which extends to the sides   around 3 cm with round edges which is moving up with tongue out and moving down with tongue inward and also with swallowing. 3 days ago I went back to the hospital after I made appointment with ENT doctor which after checking it felt the lump and prescribed me an antibiotics and said its tonsilits . Yesterday I discovered two swollen round submendibular glands near the sides of the first lump that I discovered days ago which are easily felt with index finger and thump with half solid structure but movable .

Any dea about what this could be? I am really afraid and overly stressed about it .

sorry for my bad english though.
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