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Abdominal mass?

Sorry to come here with this question.  Not sure where to start.  I have been here for about six months and with doctors help, still can't narrow it down. Basically in June started with testicle pain doc said was epididymitis.  No cause was found as blood and urine was clean. Doc said viral and it would pass. It eventually passed. However there was an enlarged node found during ultrasound that was deemed reactive and benign.  Fast forward four months. Node is still enlarged in groin, right side. I get pain in my hip, thigh, groin, flank regularly. Doctor thinks it in my head and I wish it was. Says nodes can remain enlarged for many months after an infection. Not always, but it does happen. For the last two months the right side of belly beside belly button sticks out further than the left. No pain but it's visible. If a node or many nodes were enlarged in the abdomen can they cause a lump that is visible beside the belly button or are they too deep? Also is it possible there is some mass/tumor in my belly causing this? It looks like u swallowed a golf ball and it's somewhere in bowels.  I had an ultrasound on October 17. If there was a mass would the ultrasound see it? If it was lph nodes would an ultrasound see it?
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Sorry you are not getting any response.  All I have to share is I believe a CT scan would see the mass (not even sure what CT stands for but I know it can detect nodules on lungs).  Maybe CT is another label for Ultrasound..but I think not as the CT has radiation concerns, like X-rays one doesn't want to get one more than absolutely necessary.

I can also say I'd look for a new doctor, but I am used to the free market health industry in the USA, soon to be lost to the control of government as it is in Canada.
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I'm actually free to find any doctor I want.  there is no restriction regarding what doctor I see.  I have been considering the same thing.  i stay with him out of convenience for now.  his office is close to my place of work so I can see him at any time.
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