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Abnormal Lymph Node Underarm

Any info or advice for how to proceed?

I don't know that my symptoms indicate cancer, I just don't know where else to post...

***Thank you, in advance, for your help***

Abnormal Lymph Node (non fatty center slightly enlarged) found in R underarm in ultrasound. I was initially seen for swelling and slight tenderness in that same area.  

Mammogram views were clean and after tech did 2 rounds (one 2 weeks ago, one a few days ago) for the area where there is swelling.  Current symptoms are fullness in R breast(it seems bigger than before), slight swelling/tenderness between R breast and armpit.  I have recently started having a shooting pain that goes through my R breast towards the nipple, but perhaps that is hormones and not related? Since December I have noticed that it is very uncomfortable to sleep on my R side.  The underarm, breast and even chest/abdominal area on that R side just feel tender and far more sensitive than I can ever recall.  

I feel a bit silly for making a fuss about this, but I just don't feel quite right. Could this just be a muscle strain?  Is there anything aside from the mammogram/ultrasound that should be checked out?

Went in to MD in late January in regard to swelling between underarm and breast.  There was some minor discomfort initially, but I wouldn't call it "painful."  The area was just noticeably swollen and bra caused discomfort upon contact.  It had been present for 1 month and did not go away, so I visited the Doctor.  
No rash, no bumps, just a small amount of tenderness if pressed.

MD thought perhaps muscle strain of pec.  I don't recall any accident, bumping or anything that would cause a strain, but I did shovel plenty of snow in December and maybe that set something off?  I was sick with a virus of some sort for about 2 weeks in December and initially thought that I had a swollen lymph node from that illness.  I recovered from the illness and the swelling/slight discomfort remained.  

Swelling did not go down after resting the area from exercise, utilizing heating pads and taking advil.  

Mid February-still same, re-visit MD.  Breast exam by Doc reveals nothing substantial, but I do have large breasts (38G), which may make it hard to detect any abnormalities.  Doc sent me for mammogram.  

Mammogram of both breasts and then follow up mammogram of breast and area that is swollen did not show anything abnormal.  The ultrasound of the swollen area did show a lymph node that was slightly enlarged and does not have a fatty center (this is what the MD Radiologist said). I don't know what that indicates or could indicate.

I will be visiting a new Primary Care Physician in the next week or two, as we have to change docs.  

My current PCP mentioned seeing a breast specialist, but he doesn't seem concerned.  

I am not trying to make something out of nothing, I just don't feel quite right and these changes have been present now for over 2 months.  

I am a 33yo female with no significant health history.  I have PCOS and had my gall bladder out last year due to gall stones blocking the duct.  That is it.

I will greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions you may have.

Thank you. :)
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