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Adnexal Mass

My Friend 40 Yrs old who had a hysterectomy and both overies removed, had a scan done and shows a  Left Adnexal Mass.  She hasnt heard back from the Dr. as to what the next step is, but I was wondering what else you can tell me about this.  Her stomach is bloated. It was found 2 years ago by accident on a ct scan but she didnt follow through til now, after her mother, age 56 passed away in November 2009 from Ovarian Cancer.
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In gynecology, the Latin term "adnexa" refers to the appendages of the uterus, namely the Fallopian tubes, ovaries, and ligaments.

Let me recap the brief history you provided, to make sure I have understood it correctly. In your friends' case, the uterus and appendages were surgically removed in the past. She underwent a routine CT scan (2 years ago) that incidentally showed a left adnexal mass, which was not investigated or treated. She has gradually developed a bloated abdomen since then. Following her mothers recent death due to ovarian cancer, she is now worried about her symptoms.

In your friends case, even though the adnexa were removed by surgery, a mass developed there. This mass may have originated from a small tissue of adnexa inadvertently left behind at surgery, or may have arisen from other tissues in that area, for example the peritonium. Ovarian cancer is occasionally seen to cluster in families. Occasionally, the adnexal mass may turn out to be non-cancerous (infection, cyst etc).

I would suggest that your friend see her internist or gyn immediately. She must have a CT scan (or preferably a PET_CT) repeated, and also some blood tests including the CA-125. Some oncologists may prefer an FNAC (fine needle aspiration cytology) of the mass to check if malignancy is present. If fluid is detected in the bloated abdomen, it should also be checked for malignant cells. Based on the CT scan and other results, the next steps should be planned.

All the best to your friend, and God Bless!
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