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Advice-body aches, swollen lymoh nodes, fatigue, headache, 10% weight loss, lump

Hello, I am a 17 year young male who has recently came across a number of strange symptoms. FIrst to take into account is that my family has been experiencing a viral infection. My mother says not to worry but i would like other opinions. We cannot afford healthcare or to take me to get a physical. The symptoms are first, i experienced back pain and felt a lump next to my spine that i think is a swollen lymph node. My pelvis had been aching latley and my ribs on my left side have become swollen. Just yesterday I noticed that out towards my shoulder and above my collarbone (in that area near the clavicule) a lump about the size of a quarter has protruded outward. Just after I noticed this the area around the lump has become achy and has a burning sensation. My left side of my chest is also dull and aching but the lump is on my rigth shoulder. I also have woken up at night with my legs sweating. SOmetimes other parts of my body ache to. My stomach has been feeling like it has been punched at the part where the ribs meet it. I have only had a virus last more than 2 weeks once before but that was phnemonia when i was 12. I am also fatigued more often but that may be becuase i go to bed at around 6pm and awake at 3am. These symptoms have been happenin for 2 weeks since yesterday. Anybody else experience this? Thanx.
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