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Am I getting cancer? I am scared.....Can't understand MRI readings...

IN February I got 3 large swollen areas on right thigh and one on left. Alond with this I have pain in both thighs but it does not keep me awake.I had a MRI no masses or lesions. Dr said MRI was normal but to see a Dermatologist to do a biopsy of the swollen skin. The areas just look like huge hives on the thighs and I have a lot of thigh pain. MRI also said "mild heterogeneity and enhancement of marrow signal within the proximal and fempral shafts, considered nonspecific. This may represent residual hematopoietic marrow, recommend correlation with CBC. which we did, C reactive was 9 and sed rate was 22. (which have been creeping up the last few months) and RBC, hematocrit and hemoglobin were all at the last point of the range which have dropped down since November. My doctor got all freaked out and said she might refer me to a Blood doctor. But the Rheumy doctor that ordered the test saw no concern. Do I need to see a Oncologist? I also have had a swollen distended abdomen in the last few months with some painful lumps next to the belly button. Am schedule for EGD and ultrasound. I also have had 8-10 atypical moles removed with a lot more that I know I have and we are watching them.
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Look there are a few sing that you tend to look at when you have Leukemia or mostly any type of cancer one is if there is any abnormal bruises on your body meaning they appear with out any reason, two sometime you will experience pain in the joins areas or back, but the most important way to fins wether or no you have cancer is like you said see an Oncologist they will run the right test for you usually a bone marrow aspiration and several blood test will be done, my best advice is that find an Oncologist and tell him all that you have been told already, I do wanna say that what ever the result you can always talk to me I am a cancer surviver if there is anything you need to ask don't be troubled and tell me.
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