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Are these signs of Breast Cancer?

Hi, I had a baby in 2010. My little man stopped nursing early on so I started pumping milk to feed him.  When my little man was about 4 months old I had the pleasant experience of battling yeast on my breast. They itched and were sore almost the entire time I pumped for my little man. The yeast infection never went away with meds or creams. I was checked for diabetes because that is a sign of diabetes but the doctor told me that if anything my sugar was low and it wasn’t the cause of the yeast growing. When my little man was about 6 months old a lump came up and not long after I pumped blood in the milk a few times. I thought it was because of my nipples being sore. When my little man was about 18 months I had mastitis. When I went in for a yearly pap they were going to schedule me for a mammogram but didn’t because I was pumping. They said that the results wouldn’t have been accurate to determine what the lump was because of producing milk. I stopped pumping when my little man was 20 or 21 months. Even though I am not battling yeast I still have dry and pealing nipples and the lump is still there. It doesn’t hurt but it is there. Now I have noticed that my nipples are flat on one side and further out from the breast on the other. Can these be signs of breast cancer or are they just nursing related issues?  Oh, and years ago I had a swollen lymph-node under my armpit but it eventually went away. I don’t know if that has any relevance.
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Have that lump checked out to put your mind at ease. Soft, rounded, and movable lumps are likely to be cysts. Hard, nonmobile and irregular ones must be biopsied as soon as possible.
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Thank you for your reply. I managed to get an appointment on Sept. 12 to get a mammogram. The nurse is sending me to a surgeon but said that we need the results from the mammogram first. So hopefully I will know something soon.
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