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Blood Text Results for Pancreas?

What blood test results will indicate a serious problem with the pancreas? I had blood drawn today and am waiting for results.

I am a 50-yr old male, 220 lbs, non-smkoer + non-drinker.  2 months ago I had stabbing pains in my upper left back, just below the left shoulder blade. It lasted about 10 days, off and on, then left as quickly as they came.  Now for the past 2 weeks or so, I've had dull pain in my mid-back region, along with slight nausia off/on (nothing major, no vomiting). My stool has seemed to be getting lighter and somewhat yellowish, and my urine seems to be getting more yellow and stronger as well. I'm just concerned that I had some sort of bout with my pancrease back in March, and that it's been declining slowly ever since. Do these symptoms sound like pancreatic cancer or maybe pancreatitis?  Anyone else have problem with pancreas that could possibly shed any light on these symptoms?

Does a problem with the pancreas hit all at once, or a slow degeneration?  Again, what results should I zero in on for potential problems with the pancreas? Thanks for any replies.
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I don't know anything about blood results, but a former church member was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and she beat it naturally.  I believe one of the herbs she used was Chromium Picolenate (sp).  She's alive and well.  She did seek treatment from a holistic doc....she did NOT self treat.  I do hope it turns out negative....please let us know.


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firstly, please ignore posts about "natural caures" etc. these are from people who have a financial motive from your insecuritues.
secondlt, test for pancreatic problmes usually include abnormal levels of "amylase" and lipase. also Ca 19-9 is usually elevated in pancreatic cancer.
You may also want to make sure your liver functions are normal.
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I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in April. I had my gall bladder out 2 1/2 yrs ago and they believe it could have been a problem from what they now know to be a tumor on the head of the pancreas. I had the whipple surgery in May.
I have a LOT of the symptoms that you mention.
I just went in for my tird chemo treatment but had to take the week off because of the low wbc count.
It has been very hard to find clinics out there that have anything for treatment.I would have tests run asap. I would be very interested to know how things work out for you.
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