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Blood work

The doctors found a mass in my liver, They drew blood work for CA 19-9. The tests says flag range and the number say 0-35. Is this normal??? And they drew some more blood work for afp, serum, tumor marker. It says flag range as well and the numbers are. 0.0-8.3 is this normal or do i need to go further on with my test???
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I am not sure if CA markers are good validation for a tumor. If anything is suspected then us, mr, ct should be done and then biopsy if needed.
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They did the ct scan and a mri, I am just wondering what the blood work is for?? There is a mass in the liver and it is pretty big, But they don't want to do a biopsy just yet, They want to find out what it is before they do that in case it is cancer. I made an apt for upmc in pitt. So maybe they can help. I was just worried about the blood work it self. I researched it and it said that flag range normally means cancer.
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CA 19-9 is non specific and can rise in both malignant and non malignant conditions. So in your case as you already know there is a tumor, it doesn't have any diagnostic value.
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Thank you Kristy12
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