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Brain Tumors

So after seeking 3 opinions from neurosurgeons, it looks like the consensus is that we should have my husband's 3 benign meningiomas treated with surgery removal. This is b/c of his young age (31) and the fact he's symptomatic (seizure and headaches). He doesn't fit into the typical mold - gender, age, amount of tumors and no family history. The biggest risk of surgery is that he may lose his sense of smell/taste. The surgery will be 5-6 hours long and the recovery at home may be 4-6 weeks long. We're relieved but now they're taking forever to get back to us with a surgery date b/c they're saying it's not life-threatening. I'm peeved. The anticipation is building and we all just want to get this over with. My husband was on anti-seizure medication (Dilantin) and b/c he developed a rash, had to be switched to an anti-anxiety medication (Lorezapam) which is supposed to keep the symptoms at bay but obviously, isn't the long term solution. My husband is suffering from headaches and we all know, the meningiomas are there, particularly the large one that put enough pressure against his brain to cause the seizure to begin with. On top of everything, I'm 6 months pregnant and can't eat, sleep or do anything b/c this is so devastating. I know this is short term but I'm just hoping and praying we get a surgery date and that after, he doesn't experience any more seizures or recurrance of tumors.
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He complained of headaches for a couple of weeks and then one night, had a seizure. The dr then took him in for a catscan and MRI which confirmed his 3 meningiomas. None of the three neurosurgeons know how long they've been there.
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I can understand your anxiety and concern, but there may be others who are in need of emergency surgery. Please keep your calm, you need to take care of yourself too as you are pregnant. Also continue to follow up with your doctor for a surgery date.

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Well, hope all went well. I am 27 years old, young athletic college graduate guy. I, myself had a brain tumor. I know its hard and scary but have to be strong and positive. I just received my news 3 weeks ago that after 10 hrs surgery and the radiation process the tumor had dissapperead. Fear will always be with me but strength to fight it is there as well. After such experience in life, fear will be there but not as it was at the beggining, way less... I really hope that everything goes fine and as well look ahead of you with optimizm...People like me, young and even younger have made it so far and your husband will be part of this group as well, I am sure about it..God bless and good luck (:
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