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Breast Cancer in Liver

My 80 year old mom, in great shape and great attitude, has come off 3 years of hormone and radiation therapy for breast cancer.  Her oncologist read her petscan today and said she has two "spots" on her liver that appeared in the 5 mo nths since last scan and feels sure it is breast cancer in her liver.  I know she's a great dr (graduated with her myself) but we were in shock and left without any info.  She recommends chemo which she didn't want with breast cancer due to my mom's slight build and sensitive digestion.  Anyway, I just don't know where we are - starting weekly chemo next week.  Is there any resource or stats we can go to for more help?  We've lost my dad and dad in law in the few years and I want to know how much to prepare my four children.   I can't find any consistent opinion about prognosis.   My mom has faith that when it's her time, she's ready, but I am reeling.   Any advice or questions we should ask?   Sorry to sound so clueless, but I don't know .who else to ask...thanks for any help
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I can kind of relate to the situation that you described because my 80 year old mother came off of 6 months of intensive chemotherapy for Hodgkin's Disease last September.
A follow up CT scan and Pet scan, two months following that, showed that she had an enlarged lymph node in her right groin that had apparently not responded to the chemotherapy. A biopsy of that swollen lymph node came back positive for a low grade form of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. So, now she's battling another type of Cancer.
Anyway, where I'm going with this is that... whenever these serious/ life threatening and complicated medical matters occur, some people seek a 2nd opinion... and, I think that there is immeasurable value in that. My mom got the opinion of 4 different oncologists as to how to approach the newly discovered Lymphoma. And, all 4 were equally divided as to whether or not my mom would benefit from radiation treatment... 2 said, yes; 2 said, no.
Her prognosis without radiation...10 years. So, she opted to not undergo radiation. She's content with her difficult decision to decline further treatment and, like your mom, she figures that "... when you gotta go; you gotta go." But, she had to "pull" that prognosis out of the doctors in order to be able to make that informed decision and plan for whatever is left of her life.
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