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Breast Lump

I found a lump in my breast and have to wait a week before getting into my dr. I also have Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. What are the rates or odds of getting breast cancer and having NHL? Or are there Lymphnodes in my breasts that could be affected? I have looked up the lymphnode chart but having trouble being able to tell if the nodes are in the breast or not. Thanks.
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I don't know the odds of breast cancer AND NHL.  I could be something as simple as a breast cyst.  But, no matter what, don't worry about the wait.  I had confirmed breast cancer and had to wait 7 weeks fpr my two surgeons to coordinate their schedules.  I'm now four years out and doing well.
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thanks for the reply.. i have an appt on the 3rd to go to a breast clinic and have it checked out.. i was just curious cuz they told me when i was diagnosed with NHL that there was a greater odd now of me getting other cancers, and now i find this lump. so i'm just curious. thanks!!
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how do you get a dr to answer this question??
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There is no data available about the co-incidence of non-hodgkins lymphoma and breast cancer. There can be no predictions made about the chances of the breast lump being cancerous.

What are the sites of lymph nodes involved in your case due to NHL? What is your age?

Have you noticed any other abnormal features like skin changes or nipple discharge?

Does the lump move freely? Does it increase or decrease in size, pain and tenderness in relation to your menstrual cycle?

Are you on any medications currently?

Let us know what the doctor advises after a clinical evaluation and ask him/her if a mammogram and ultrasound need to be done.

Let us know about how you are doing and if you have any other doubts.

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