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Breast problems

i have been seen by an endocrinologist for 2 yrs now as my left breast leaks a greeny/black sunstance and my prolactin levels are very high.
after the two years and taking tablets my breast still oozes. i had a mamogramme three weeks ago and a sample of the leakage was taken. i received a phone call on the friday of that week telling me i had abnormal cells and the test was repeated this week. i was told to expect a call between 5-6pm again on friday. this time i received the call in the morning and was told the cells were still abnormal and i need an operation, but given no indication what is abnormal about thease cells. are they cancer? i insisted on seeing the consultant . an emergency appointment has been arranged for this week. i am very scared.
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Try to remain calm and positive until you see the consultant.  

All the best.  
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Hi londres,
i totaly agree with you. and will voice my consens with the consultant on Friday.
All i do know is the consultant i am being seen by is a cancer specialist.

will keep you all posted.
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I am sure you are scared because you don't know what is going on.

It would difficult for me to say what is going on too because I don't know what they mean by "abnormal cells" either; it doesn't mean necessarily cancer to me.

Have this "emergency appointment"  and sort all this out.  It was good on your part to insist on seeing the consultant.  Why you had to ask for the meeting and they didn't set one up and then inform you of the situation I don't know or understand.    

Keep us posted.
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