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Can Cannibas Oil along with Chemotherapy help to treat/cure cancer?

My uncle has just been found to have a tumor on his lung, along with lymph node involvement and the lung tumor is close to his heart. They are doing a PET scan tomorrow to see if it is the primary tumor or not - it could be lung cancer or lymphoma. The lung tumor at the moment is inoperable, though they plan to give him chemo to reduce the tumor and then see if they can give him chemo and/or radiotherapy.

I really want to know from medical experts/doctors and patients who have experience with this themselves, whether cannabis oil along with chemotherapy can treat (or reverse/shrink/cure) either of these cancers at an advanced stage?

I have read that many medical studies have shown that cannabis oil is highly effective in shrinking tumors in mice and in lab studies, and many real life patients claim to have cured themselves with this combination even in advanced stage cancer.

I am so desperate, as is my family for real answers. Please anyone if you can give any advice...
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cannibis oil has no effect on cancer cells. only ultra high concentration in lab have been shown to kill cancer cells.
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I don't know about cannabis oil, but I do know that at this stage cure is out of the question. Even if, by some miracle, they manage to take it all out, it is a matter of weeks/months until it comes back. Ask any doctor and they'll tell you the same.
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