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Can this be Cancer?

30 Male, Started Smoking around 8 yrs back. Been on and off, sometimes quit for a week, and once even for 9 months. Sometime, and usually 1-2 per day, sometimes more, sometimes none. Alcohol - Normal. Once a week to once twice a month. sometime more, sometimes less.
I have had this throat problem since quit long. Guess more than 10 yrs now. Sometimes its fine for long, sometimes it gives a lot of problem.
Its the right side, the tonsil, its swollen (or is a different shape than the left one) and I see this White thing inside of it, very visible, I have noticed at times on regular gargles, it vanished but it was I think quite a time back.
Now theres this lump in the throat, somewhere around this Tonsil. There are 2 Lumps, distant, on the Right Side itself.
I slightly feel, on lightly pressing outside on the neck, little something swollen inside, I am not sure if it actually is, and if it is, it very less.
Little Mucus is always there, i think coming from the right side again.
No other scratch or something on the outside, no weight loss. I am little over weight so feel tiredness at times, but when I am working out, I feel fantastic, fit and energetic. I have some High BP which stays fine until I am regularly working out.

2 Yrs back, showed a doc, he was like its nothing, gave a medicine (dont remember which one) for 2-3 weeks. I remember there was not much of a difference, it usually get better (sore throat and pain) in few days, or once the Antibiotic course is complete. I think there was this one of the Lumps there then too, and I asked him to see carefully, he was like its normal.

The picture will explain better what I am trying to say: http://tinypic.com/r/2w236sk/9

I will be showing the doc some time soon, and will update the results. But what does it look like, and what shall be the course of action at this stage.

Thanks in advance for the responses Docs.
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