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Child with lump above jaw

I took my son to the doctor today because earlier this week he noticed a larger than pea sized lump above his jaw on the right, a couple of inches from his chin. He doesn't really complain about it hurting unless it's touched. His doctor is sending us to a ENT on wednesday, and I am absolutely terrified. His doctor has no clue what it could be. He just kept saying it was strange. It doesn't move much, but it does a little but feels like its attached to the tissue that connects to his jaw. It has no give to it whatsoever, it's hard like bone. Does anyone have the slightest clue what this might be? My son is only 7 years old and I am so worried I can hardly think straight.
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I understand why you are worried and hope the diagnosis is something easy to cure.  

I do not have any personal experience with such a growth on humans, but being  a pet owner I have seen them on pets and they are usually benign or not-cancerous.

Sorry I can't give a human example, but I advise to have confidence you ENT doctor will come up with a happy answer.
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hi I would say this is a cyst...i have bone like cysts that dont hurt or.move..iv one on each wrist bone.( they actually hurt alot ) one tucked behind my jaw bone.under ear which is.literally like bone and one at the top.of my head feells.like its.pushing against my skull...iv had them years...hopefully scan.will put yr mind to rest...best of luck x
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