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Circular, Hard, Insensitive Lump under skin between neck and shoulder???

Hi, I am 18 and earlier this month I noticed a (large marble?) sized lump seemingly where the neck meets the shoulder. It is under my skin completely; i can stretch the skin above it just like any other part of my body. It is hard, circular, and seems to have no feeling. I can move it around, much more forward and backward than right to left.

I discovered this when I was at the physical therapist for a rotator cuff injury (both are on the right side). My therapist said it may be a muscle spasm but I'm skeptical. I have heard that cysts can arise out of chronic inflammation. Considering my age, is cancer at all likely?

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hey, I don't know if you ever found out what that lump on your neck/shoulder was, but if you did, what was it? I have one too, right where the neck meets the shoulder, but have not ever had any injury. Anyway, i hope evrerything is okay now.
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I'm also curious, as I have one on my shoulder and I've been doing zero physical activity. :S
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Hi im 19 and experiencing the same thing in between my neck and shoulder area. The lump feels like ball.. I can feel its spherical shape and can move it around. Ita not painful, but if anything comes in contact, i can feel some pain. What is it?
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