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Colonoscopy Results Question

Okay - I am a 41 y/o male, had a colonoscopy last year and they found a 12mm cancerous growth that was tested as positive... but only one which was removed.  Doc said it was on the verge of "doing it's thing" and told me to come back in a year to see if anything else appears.  Went back this past Monday and they another single 6mm one that the cells had not yet started to do their thing; but was the same type as the first one.  Doc suggested i come back in 3 years; which I challenged since my body evidently produces at 6mm a year - 3 years could potentially put one there at 18mm (3/4 inch+ in size) which could then require cancer treatments... i am pushing for 2 years - sound right?

So, my question is this:  Since I found this on the back end of the plumbing, should I have the other end scoped as well?  
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It would be helpful if you could mention the exact pathology report of the two growths (?polyps) that were removed.
Are you sure that you had colon cancer? Were you told about what type of cancers these were and the exact stage that these growths were in? Did you not receive any other form of cancer therapy like intestinal surgery or chemotherapy?
It is not correct to assume that if any new growth appears in your rectum/colon, it would grow at 6 mm a year.
Having discovered a growth in the colo-rectal region does not necessarily increase chances of upper gastrointestinal tumors.
Please provide more details (especially your pathology reports and treatment history).
All the best, and God Bless!
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