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My mom is 48yrs old and has ascites fluid build up for about 2 months now it is causing her lots of pain. The doctors have not told us much about what could be causing it. We do know that it is exudate in origin and she has no liver problems, she suffers from pancreatitis and has a right sided ovarian cyst 9x9cms. Gynecologist oncologist is not suspicious of ovarian cancer he says it is a simple cyst. Her CA 125 was elevated at 355 but that can also be caused by an inflamed pancreas. We are at a loss to what else could be causing the ascites and they will not do anything for her until 4wks from now! If anyone has experience or information please let me know! Also cytology for ascites fluid was negative, when sample was drawn it was profusely bloody and a separate time they drained was a liter of strawberry colored fluid. Scary because all the research I've done suggest malignancy when bloody fluid is drawn!!!
Thanks in advance
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Just wanted to update...she was diagnosed with PANCREATIC CANCER with mets! She is not a candidate for the whipple or even chemo for that matter :( we have no idea how long she has with us and the doctors are not honest with her!
Wish I was closer to her (I'm 5hrs away) then I could spend her last days with her....
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That is what I thought when you mentioned ascites and pancreatitis.  Ascites is associated with liver failure.  Once you start seeing ascites it is usually only a matter of time....well....not good.  

I hope they are at least tapping some of the fluid out to keep her comfortable because that is all that they can do now.  I would recommend looking into hospice care for her.  

Is she living alone?  Is there any way you can move her closer to you if she is?  
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Yes I had suspected it as well that it would be pancreatic cancer. Up until recently her liver function tests had been normal.
I don't think there is much time left :( we are trying to convince her to move to her home town hospital as she is in a dif city and has been for 5wks now. Yes they finally put a drain in thurs. Shes had ascites since shortly before easter! The doc will not do chemo as her body is in such bad shape it can't handle it. She is still in denial about it and thinks she has a couple of yrs left....nobody can bring themselves to tell her how much time is left
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Quite normal for a patient in this condition to be in denial; sometimes it is the family and the patient.  Yes, I would not tell her either unless she presented the question to you.  

Has the physician or anyone mention anything about hospice care for her to you all? Sounds like she qualifies for inpatient hospice.
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