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Could it be Lymphoma

I am a 31 year old female and have had multiple ongoing problems that have been brushed aside.
Everything started with a complete hysterectomy at age 23 (leaving my ovaries). I was suffering from severe endometriosis. In the Summer of 2011. I had to go to the ER because of severe cramping. Come to find out I had cysts on my ovaries. My OBGYN went in and removed the cysts along with more endometriosis, a month and a half later he ended up taking both ovaries out because the endometriosis was coming back. Looking back on that last surgery when he removed both my ovaries (Aug 2011) it seems like a lot of my problems have come about and or gotten worse since then. They had a hard time getting me to stop bleeding after surgery.  I had a huge bruised spot on my stomach for a little over 6 months, with a lot of internal pain to go along with it.

I have had ongoing breast pain for the past 5-7 years that doctors have blown off because all the mammogram has shown was an enlarged lymph node. Since the pain started it has continually gotten worse moving into the lymph nodes along both sides of my breasts and into my armpit area. Here recently I have noticed bruising like spots on my left breast.  At times the lymph nodes in my groin area are painful too; again I have been blown off because I am ‘young’.  

Over the summer I broke (shattered) my elbow which the bone has since healed according to the doctor, I am still in a lot of pain not so much in my elbow area but it feels as if it is in the bone and is slowly making its way up my arm and is now into my shoulders and neck. The ortho doc pretty much told me he doesn’t know why I’m still hurting (his actions show he doesn’t really care) since the bone is healed he doesn’t know what to do.

Here recently (about a year or so) I have noticed a lot of easy bruising that last for a long time (weeks).

I have no appetite but I make myself eat because I know I have to, but then I feel like I’m going to get sick. I have lost 15-20 pounds in the past 3 ½ months. I needed to and love it but I don’t think it’s the healthy way to do it.

Severe fatigue, no matter if I sleep 16 hours, 8 hours or 4 hours I am always drained.

History of migraines, currently on Toprimax to keep them under control..it was doing well for a while but now the headaches are slowly coming back.

A lot of confusion and forgetfulness about simple things.

Night sweats that would make you think someone peed the bed from head to toe

99-99.8 temps usually around mid day

High BP for the past 4 years and at times my medication doesn’t keep it under control.

Doctors believe less than a year ago I had a mini stroke (TIA? I think is what they called it) I believe I had another episode 12/4/2012, but they cannot tell me why tho.

I am tired of hearing “you’re too young for anything to be wrong”. If I am too young, why do I feel like I am 90 years old and dying inside? I hurt every day and have for quite a few years!

I work from home, some people seem to think I need to get out and find a part time job.  And maybe that is because they think I sit at home and woller in self pitty, I don’t know, but in all reality I keep myself very active to keep my mind and body busy to keep from thinking about all of this. I have 4 dogs that keep me hopping, laundry of 4 people to keep up on and a house to keep clean…and lately a great group of friends to keep my spirits up via text messages or phone calls.

I have 2 beautiful kids (11 and 14 years old),  I would love to act like a 31 year old mother for them.
I am hoping someone can refer me to a doctor that 1. cares and 2.  can figure out what is going on with me and help me get back to feeling at least half my age so I can live my life and raise my children.

Thank you for your time.

Got blood work results back...
WBC & RBC normal
GFR is flagged as low (98, normal for my age says should be 107)

EBV EAD ab Antibody test came back @ 1.5 (positive is >or=1.1 AI)
  CMV Specimen Result is PLASMA

When the doctor called my he claims I have mono..I don't feel 'sick' as people explain they feel when they have mono..

With the lymph nodes in along both sides of my breasts inside and out into my armpit area and groin area and now the bruise like spots on my left breast... along with the pain in the middle of my lower back, under my rib cage with deep breaths I am a little, ok I won't lie A LOT worried it is much more than mono!
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Since the WBC/CBC came back ok, I doubt this is Lymphoma.  Never seen a patient with a normal CBC and had Lymphoma.  

I am thinking this might be something autoimmune.  

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