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Could it be?

The right side of my throat seems to be swollen and I have no pain, it just feels funny when I swallow. It has been this way for 4-5 days. A month or two ago I had a mouth ulcer on the right tonsil, it healed in 2 weeks. I worry alot about my health, not sure why, because I'm very healthy, but could this be cancer? I'm worried to death...
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BTW, I am 17 years old and I do not smoke or drink.
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could be a thyriod groiter see a doc have it checked out
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It could just be a hangover from your recent infection or it just could be that you are focussing on how it feels too much. If you are poking around in there that can have an affect too. Don't touch anything in your mouth and focus on your toes and try to ignore any feeling in your throat for 2 weeks. If it is still there then you may have another infection.

The chances of throat cancer at 17 are incredibly low esp. without symptoms. You know this. If you find your worries immediately move onto a new health issue then please see your doctor about anxiety.

Take care. I speak from experience that health anxiety is no way to live your life esp. at your age when you have your life ahead of you. That can be the cause of the issue ie worrying about the future.
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