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Dealt with tongue cancer?

Hello folks,

I don't yet know if have cancer or not but I have some strange white spots on my tongue, a scratchy throat and 1 1/2-inch long thin, grey or whitish line on the top sides at the front of the tongue. Also see a small, white patch. Does this sound familiar or too hard to tell? I'm seeing a periodontist very soon. It's all been there for about 3-4 weeks but looks worse than it did. Not much in the way of pain at this point but my mouth feels kind of raw. My dentist said he doesn't think it's cancer but why no healing? No biopsy as of yet.

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The differentials for a description you gave would include oral thrush, leukoplakia, and ulcers. Oral thrush is a fungal infection, and the white spots are actually areas of infestation. Leukoplakias are likewise white areas where there is abnormal growth of abnormal cells, these are considered premalignant. The thrush may or may not be painful, depending if there are areas that are injured/bleeding.
Another possibility are ulcers from an immune-mediated disease such as lupus.
Best you see a physician as well to get a second opinion. There may be other features beyond the mouth that would give some important clues.
Stay positive.
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