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Does this sound like cancer--- Please reply

About me

Im 30 year old male from UK
6ft 3
currently 17 110kg in weight, not fat musclular
No family history of cancer

My Symptoms

Bright red blood in stool and on toilet tissue
Green Musuc in on stool like slimey
Lots of gas
Lost 13kg in 2 weeks- Althought my weigth have stayed same now for last 3 weeks.
Abdominal Pain
Pain on right side
Yellow/ white coating on tongue
Feeling very tired

These symptoms been ongoing now for last 2 months

The Tests Ive had done

Sigmoidoscopy - Normal- little inflammation(biopsy taken- normal result)
Camera Down throat - Normal result
Full Abdominal UltraSound - Normal result
HIV test - Negative
Hep A,B, test -Negative
LFT (liver funtion test-bloodtest) Showed High ALT of 48 - repeated test ALT increased 71 Did 3rd test went down to 63- norm range is 5.42 i was told, doctor said mine was ntohing to worry about.
Barium Enema - awaiting results

I really dont know what is going on with me, im so worried i have a young daughter which is everything, at the moment i feel like im not gonna see her growing up, which is my biggest fear..

What do you guys think of my symptoms????Any information would be great, even if bad

Thank You

Kind Regards
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