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Extremely worried about lump in neck and cough

About 5 weeks ago, I had a cold which lasted around 3-4 days. I took no medication and it went away by itself. However, the cough from the cold has not went away, and I still cough at regular intervals now. In addition to this, I found a small lump in my neck (pea size, maybe smaller), around 2-3 inches above my collarbone, near the centre of the neck, but slightly to the left. The lump appears to only be attached to the skin above it, as I can pinch the skin around it and move it around freely.
After doing quite a bit of research on the internet, I have left myself very worried about potential conditions I could possibly have, including cancers such as thyroid cancer and lymphoma.
From what I can tell, the only symptoms I have are the lump and the persistent cough.
Can anyone give any advise on what they think this may be? I am extremely worried.
If it helps, I am a 17 year old male.
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Hi, please dont worry, what you felt could be a lymph node. Lymph are protective mechanisms of the body and they 'trap' the infecting source causing enlargement of lymph nodes. The cold and cough which you have could have caused the lymph node to swell, as the infection subsides, the node will resolve. The persistent cough could indicate a lower respiratory infection, consult your doctor, you may need antibiotics to tackle the infection. In the meantime try to take warm oral fluids and do steam inhalations prior to your meals. This helps to loosen up and bring out the secretions. Take care.
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