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Family History and Cancer

Hello everyone. My name is Chris. Im 20 year old male from NY. I have a question about cancer and family history. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 7. She had surgery to remove it and did chemo and radiation. At the same time she also did an alternative medicine called ****** therapy. They didnt catch her caner until the later stages and she unfortunately did not survive. 3 days ago my father informed me that he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I already know the pronosis is bleak. He has decided to do the ****** therapy as well. ****** believed the complication with my mother was she already had too much cemo in her for ****** to be effective. So i guess I have two main questions. What is your opinion of ****** therapy, and should I personally be concerned with both my parents having, or had cancer? Thanks in advance.
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Thank you. So what exactly should I do/eat and what should I avoid?
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Cancer therapy are broadly :
1)Surgery if it is in an initial stage to remove the cancer completely.
Later stages:
2)Chemotherapy to act on all the cancer cells wherever they are located and also on the lymph nodes &
3)Radiation therapy which is also attacking normal tissue along with cancer cells.
The problem is if you do not detect cancer early and the spread has already taken place then you cannot do anything but try all modalities.

So for you timely medical health checkup (yearly atleast ) till you are 30.
After that 6 monthly check up is adviced.

Stay healthy and do not smoke and all the irritants increase the chances of cancer and genetically you are already prone due to you mom and dad.
Take care!
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