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Ganglion (Node) in the right clavicle. please help


During a routine medical examination, the doctor found a "ganglion" (node) in the right clavicle.

He asked me a lot of questions: if I was very tired, if I had lost weight etc... In fact, apart from a gray cold at the end of December, I have no symptoms.

He prescribed a neck ultrasound that shows an 11 cm large axis node for 5 cm small axis. There is the presence of a fatty hilum and no other notable anomaly.

Radiology tells me that a node in this area still requires a chest CT. I did and the results indicate nothing special and the final report says that this ganglion and "probably" inflammatory cause.

Do you think I can sleep easy? When you go on the internet, a ganglion placed there seems to be always a problem....

What do you think?  I am affraid..


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FYI the lymph node is not actually in the clavicle but rather near/adjacent to the clavicle, termed supraclavicular if above the clavicle and infraclavicular if below the clavicle.
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Thank you for your answer, that’s very nice. I did an ultrasound today that measured the node at 4mm from ptit axis and 10.3mm from large axis. So substantially identical.

I did a blood test, but I won’t be able to see the doctor until next week.

Hemmogram results are normal except:

Basophils 0.11 g/L (2%) ( laboratory standards 0.10)
Monocytes 0.77 g/L (13.7%) (laboratory standards 0.23 to 0.77).

It seems to be borderline. I’m still worried.

What do u think about it?

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Lymph nodes are bean-shaped structures throughout the body that work as filters for harmful substances. They contain immune cells that can help fight infection by attacking and destroying germs that are carried in through the lymph fluid.

The size and morphology of a lymph node help to determine if it is worrisome or not worrisome. In general, a node that measures less than 1 cm in short axis and/or contains a fatty hilum is likely benign/reactive, probably infectious and/or inflammatory, whereas a node that measures greater than 1 cm in short axis and/or does not contain a fatty hilum is indeterminate/suspicious and warrants further workup such as a biopsy to rule out lymphoma and/or metastases.

In your case, your node did not have any worrisome features so you can sleep easy. However, if you happen to notice it getting larger/swelling or experience weight loss, fever, and/or night sweats, you can consider repeat imaging.
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Hello sorry, I was wrong about the size!

Large axis = 11 mm and small axis 5 mm
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