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Gastric cancer interview
Well I will explain my situation. I’m 15 years old and this year I have to carry out a personal project. This personal project is very important to pass this year. I have chosen to create an internet blog that informs people about stomach cancer and shows how to prevent it through a healthy diet. I have chosen this topic as I have always liked oncology and medicine and because my grandfather has stomach cancer and I would like other people prevent what he is going through. Right now I’m in the research stage. The teachers really value reliable sources of information and they prefer information obtained in an interview . I attend an English school in Spain, so I can’t interview Spanish doctors because it would all be in Spanish, and that is why I have chosen to contact you. My idea was to carry out a small interview, where I would ask questions about stomach cancer and you would answer them. Anyway thanks a lot for your help.
What is your name?
What is cancer?
How is cancer formed?
What is the stomach?
How does stomach cancer spread?
What are risk factors and causes of stomach cancer?
What are the symptoms of stomach cancer?
How is stomach cancer diagnosed?
How is staging determined?
What is the treatment for stomach cancer?
What are the different treatment methods?
Is there any way to prevent stomach cancer?
What are some of the nutritional concerns with cancer?
Could you make a list of aliments that help prevent cancer?
What follow-up care is necessary for stomach cancer patients? What about complementary and alternative medicine?

Well these are all of the questions I thought about, but if you reckon I miss something important just include it in a small paragraph.
Again I must say thank you for your help.

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