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Hard, immovable lump on lower back

My partner have this hard, immovable, painless lump on his lower back. It hasn't gotten bigger as far as I know (for around 0,5-1 year). But it do concern me, as he won't see his GP.

It's deep in the tissue between the ribs and pelvis on the left side. It can only be palpated, not seen. It's a bit elongated, but only maybe around 0,5x1 cm. May be bigger, it's hard to know. It's not very well distinguised from the other tissues. It feels "weird" when pressed, he says, and further to the left in the soft tissue, it feels like there's a crackle underneath his skin.

I'm very worried it's something seroius, and that he won't see a doctor.

Is a lump like this of concern, if it doesn't grow?  
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Very sorry about the slow response.  From what you describe, it sounds like a lipoma. It would absolutely be wisest for him to see his doctor.  Sometimes we think something is unmovable but a doctor would think otherwise.  I strongly urge you to get him to a doctor to check on this.  Lipomas are not dangerous. There are also a certain type of cyst that could be in that area.  What could we do to encourage your partner to have this lump looked at by a medical caregiver?
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