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Hard lump on neck ?

Hello, I have had this hard lump on my neck for like 4 years now, i noticed it when i was 17 and went to the doctor to get it checked out but he didnt really tell me anything changing the subject to my weight cuss i am 5"11 280 pounds.  

Anyway after a expensive pointless visit i decited to ignore it,  im 21 now i have no medical insurance and cant afford to go to the doctor's for anything so i have to rely on the internet.   When i shave i always cut myself in that spot cuss its like i have a small marble or rock in my neck and its sorta sticking out.  If i take my pointing finger and Middle finger and push the skin down a little you can see a almost white lump pushing on the skin.   Its only the size of your pointer fingernail i guess, and it stays in one position i cant move it around its basicly attached to my skin if i pull my skin away from my neck it comes with it, id say its only a couple MM under my skin.

Im not sure what the heck this is, it doesnt hurt or anything and i have had it for 4 years it hasnt grown or gotten smaller.   Its located on the left side of my neck about 2 inchs away from my jaw.

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This could be a benign skin nodule from what you describe, but nothing can be said with surety without a proper clinical evaluation.

You should get a confirmed diagnosis after consultation with a surgeon and talk to him/her about a biopsy if required.

You could get it removed in consultation with your surgeon if you have any symptoms.

Let us know what your doctor advises.

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Well doesnt nodule mean outside the skin ?  This is in my neck under the skin, its like a rock under you skin thats what i ment by sticking out.
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Never mind i looked it up,  Assuming its been there for like 4 years, i assume like you said its probly benign right ?  Maybe a cyst or something.
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Where on your neck?

Did your doctor check your thyroid and thyroid labs?
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It isnt where my thyroid is, thats near the atoms apple isnt it ?   Its where the Juggular Vein is on your neck

From what i remember all he did was say its probly nothing, he checked my neck like you would if you had a cold.
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Here is picture, you can see the redness is only cuss whe ni shave i cut myself all the time cuss of the bump under the skin.  Basicly the whole red area you see in between my fingers is the size of the lump like the size of a small marbel

I hope this helps


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Nope - not thyroid.  I'd find a dermotologist to talk to.  He/she could give you a better idea if it is suspicious or an ingrown hair.
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