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Help Please

i have not been tested i do not know if i have cancer, but lately i have feel pain in my chest having difficulty to breath when i walk up the stair and pain over my neck under the chin and jaw.. also have swollen lymph nodes under my lower jaw feel pain in ear some time

do i have lung cancer or throat and oral cancer ?

what kind of test do i need to do? blood xray or ?
please advise..
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You could always consider going to a GOOD  ER, if your doctor can't get you in.  Sometimes we mistakenly think our symptoms are one thing, we are not doctors, and
sometimes you need the professional take.  The literature says women have different symptoms than men for cardiac stuff.   Somebody, somewhere might want to start working you up.  See what you think.   Sometimes more than one thing is going on.
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sorry and again.. having short sharp pain at side of the neck and ears some time..

please advise im worry sick =(
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sorry i left out... i having face discomfort some time.. near the cheek bone beside the nose (both side)
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no family history of cancer

i think im sure it lymph nodes.. on left side there is only 1 but it 2 cm long and 1 cm wide and the other is on the right i have 3 on the right.. having discomfort in mouth.. having discomfort on my chest area..

i also have a lump on the right side of my neck it been there for few years i think no pain

also encounter headache.. but not the kind of headache.. i dunno how to explain.. i find the headache is around the outer layer of the brain i think
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The symptoms of oral cancer include patches or sores inside the mouth or on the lips, fever, weight loss, bleeding in the mouth, difficulty in swallowing, earache and a lump in the neck.

The symptoms of lung cancer are chest infection that does not get better, shortness of breath, coughing up blood-stained phlegm (sputum), chest discomfort, loss of appetite and loss of weight.

Do you have a family history of any kind of cancer? Are you sure it is a lymph node swelling? It can be a salivary gland swelling.

Chest pain with shortness of breath and enlarged lymph nodes are found in a variety of conditions like SLE, lupus, tuberculosis and rib fracture.

Exact diagnosis can only be made after X-Rays, blood tests, sputum tests or lymph node biopsy.

Pls take an appointment from your physician and get yourself examined.

Do keep us posted.

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