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Help Plz

just wonderd would this be a liver issue?
I can sleep for 12 hours and still be tired,   even after a 12 hour sleep i find it hard to stay awake for more that 8 hours.

I would also mention that ive had loads tests done over the last few months. i LOST 2.5 stone in about 12 days, gong from 19 stone to into the 16s, i got a muscley build. The weight loss was in JUNE 2009, it followed by server stomach pain which put me in A n E a couple of occasions. Ive also had lot of Bright Red bleeding on my stool and all over the tissue.

Since the server weight loss ive gained 1.5 stone back, but its came back more onto my belly (fat). The bleeding has stopped now, not had any at all for about 1 month.
The stomach pain is not as constant but it is still there,
My stools are very loose and im going about 3/4 times a day.Ive noticed that my stools are alot thinner than normal

The tests ive had are

Sigmoidoscopy ----- A little inflammed but results normal
Camera Down throat -- Hiutus hernia    apart from that normal
Barium meal -- normal
Barim Enema-- Normal
Chest Xray -- normal
Stomach xray --normal
Full abdominal Ultrasound -- Normal
Hiv Test -- Neg
Hep  a b c  test -- all neg.
HAd liver function test  x 4 -- first showed elevated  alt 48    and b/rubin 21
                                         2nd  ALT 71  b / runbin  22
                                         3rd ALT 77   b/rubin 22
                          But          4th all results was in normal range   ALT 40  B/rubin 17
Im 30 Male and living in UK

Can some have a look throug and guive me there advice this has gone on 2 long and is effected my life cant even play for long with my kids and working is getting harder
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