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Help with Understanding Blood Counts

I am a 15 year old (almost 16) female and I have been experiencing the following symptoms . . .

-Shortness of breath
-Severe Body Pain
-Pin prick marks showing up on chest during periods of severe pain or shortness of breath

My doctor ran a blood test and these are my results. I worry that I may have aplastic anemia or lymphoma or something scary.  I am scared so if you could help, that would be really appreciated. . .

WBC: 2.0 (flagged low)
RBC: 3.87 (flagged low)
Hgb: 13.1
Hct: 39.2
Mcv: 101.3 (flagged high)
Mch: 33.9
Mchc: 33.4
Rdw: 11.8
Plt: 160
Neutrophil: 60%
Lymph: 30%
Mono: 7%
Eosin: 2%
Baso: 1%
Absolute Neutrophil: 1.2 (flagged low)
Absolute Lymph: 0.6 (flagged low)
Absolute Mono: 0.2
Absolute Eso: 0.0 (flagged low)

She also ran a complete metabolic panel. The tests that turned out abnormally were the Ast/sgot (my level was 43) and my Ast/sgpt (my level was 69). Both were flagged high.
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Hi, the values of RBC, WBC and the differential count is low. Low counts can occur when there is bone marrow failure, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, diseases of liver  and due to certain medications. As the liver function tests are also raised, it could be due to a liver disorder. If you are on any medications check with your doctor to see if its causing these changes in blood counts. The next course of action may be to due hepatitis panel to rule out any hepatic infections. Are you jaundiced? A prothrombin time, bleeding and clotting time may also be useful to see for clotting disorders. He may also ask for imaging studies, this may further help to narrow down the problem. Follow up with your doctor. Good luck and keep us posted.
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