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Hemorrhoids? Anal Fissure? Colorectal cancer?

I am a 34 year old female. I have experienced hemorrhoids in the past with minimal bleeding, and discomfort.

Earlier this month (on sept 3rd) I was in the hospital to try iron dextran IV infusion to help treat my iron deficiency anemia.

My RBC is actually within the healthy range, however my ferritin level was at a 22 at the time I had the cbc done at the lab.

I had a severe anaphlylactic reaction within 1 min of the test dose, symptoms:
difficulty breathing, extreme fushing making my skin feel like it was going to burn off, heart palpitations, extremely bloodshot eyes. They immediately stopped the infusion, medicated me with benadryl and I can only assume epinephrine.

I was monitored for 1 hour following that released.

When I went home that night I had a delayed reaction 9 hours later; trouble breathing, feeling hot with no fever, itchy skin and hives (which I had never experienced before this), and what felt like a lump in the back of my throat.

After a few days the lump and hives went away. But I continued to have asthma attacks (I have asthma and take symbicort for it daily) and issues breathing for another 6 days (until sept 9th).

On Sept 11th at 7pm I had a handful of cashew nuts as a snack they have never bothered me before, but I haven't eaten them in a long time.

Then in the morning of sept 12th I experienced bouts of diarrhea, and low back pain.
I also turned my queen size mattress by myself. I don't recall hurting my back or experiencing any pain afterwards. But I am wondering if this has any contributing factors to my pain?

On the 13th I had a normal BM except there was orange drops of what appeared to be oil in the toilet. I read that is due to fat that my body wasn't able to digest.

Then from the 17th-19th I experienced rectal bleeding after BM's as well as a few times after I urinated. And it seemed like a fair amount of blood,which terrifies me.

I now also get this dull ache in my lower back and tail bone area when I sit  for more than 2 minutes as well as when I am laying down.
However when I stand up I feel fine (so strange). I also experience lower abdominal pain.

My GP prescribed me Rx Anodan-HC which has helped with the bleeding I haven't experienced rectal bleeding since the 19th. But I still have the lower back pain and tail bone area ache while I sit.

I have had normal BM's since with the occassional bout of diarrhea. I am on the paleo diet and I am mostly committed except I occasionally have sushi.

I eat healthy, and minus the past few weeks since the iron dextran infusion incident, I am active. I walk everywhere, and everyday.

My GP set up an sGI specialist appointment for a colonoscopy (which I requested from my doctor).
I just saw her yesterday, she says she doesn't think it s cancer but she was having a very busy day and I felt like she was feeling quite rushed so didnt have the time she usually does to listen to my concerns.

I am very concerned that I have colorectal cancer.

What do you think my possible diagnosis is?
Colorectal cancer?
Anal fissure?

How successful are the surgeries associated with all of these listed?
And are they painful recovery?

Thanks for taking the time to read and answer.

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I understand your concern regarding your symptoms and it is good that colonoscopy has been requested. What other symptoms are present?  Rectal bleeding may be attributed to a variety of issues including hemorrhoids, anal fissure, infection, inflammation, colorectal polyps, colon cancer and diverticular disease. While hemorrhoids are the most common cause of visible blood, it is important that other conditions mentioned be ruled out. For proper diagnosis, it is best that you have the colonscopy done and check with your attending physician. For hemorrhoids, fissures and other diverticular issues, medical management as well as lifestyle modification may be indicated. Recovery for procedures such as hemorrhoidectomy, also depends on a lot of factors also such as medical history and overall health. Hope this helps. Take care and do keep us posted.
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Thank you for taking the time to read my post and reply.
I am no longer experiencing the rectal bleeding, my doctor prescribed "Andodan-HC" I started using it on Sept 18th until current. since then I have only experienced small light pink stains of blood when I am cleaning the area to apply the new coat on Anodan-HC.
I was experiencing these other pains and cramps in my lower pelvic area and lower back area, along with some radiating pain down my left butt cheek and once down into my left thigh.
I saw my GP on Sept 23 and explained my symptoms further. She took a urin sample and tested it, because I was worried that perhaps I had developed a UTI (but I have never had one so I wasn't sure what it felt like). It turned out I didn't have a UTI, but my vagina was inflamed. Possibly some of the Anodan-HC had migrated that way in my sleep and developed into an infection. She gave me some antibiotics and voila 2 days later the cramps and pain I had been experiencing were gone.
The lower back pain has also gone now too.
My doctor says most likely from lifting my mattress.
My GP diagnosed me with iron deficiency anemia in mid August this year. She thinks due to heavier menstruation. And now (possible) hemorrhoids. I have had bowel issues most of my life my old GP from 16 years ago diagnosed me with IBS.
I have alternating diarrhea and constipation. I rarely get bloated. And gassiness only if I eat greasy food or junk food. Which doesn't happen very often. I eat very healthy well balanced meals. I cook 98% of the time and I bake or steam most everything. I eat baked salmon 5-6 nights a week, along with steamed spinnach, or boiled zuchinni (stir fried zuchinni in extra virgin olive oil). I do not drink soda pop. Rarely drink juices. Occasionally drink a couple beers. I do however drink 3L of water a day. I keep a food journal and log everything I eat and drink. As well as a pain journal, and one for my medications intake as well.
My old GP asked me to keep these journals 16 years ago and as habit I have kept them up.
I digress, last year I had a miscarriage (in June), and hemorrhaged intermittently for 4 days before I went to the hospital. Where I was admitted. I had lost a lot of blood, the gyne surgeon told me that i I have came in when I did I could have bled to death. Apparently I had miscarried but part of the products of conception had attached itself to my fundus and was causing tearing and bleeding. They gave me misoprostol and I passed the rest of the POC vaginally.
My current GP (is very good and thorough I feel lucky to be in her care but she is also very very busy and it is hard to get in to see her). She says that they should have checked me at the hospital to see if I was anemic then and either given me a blood tranfusion for prescribed me iron pills ect. They didn't do any of that they just released me a day later.
My GP thinks this was a major cause of my iron deficiency anemia.
Actually when I had the CBC testing done in August my RBC was healthy and normal just my ferritin levels are considered low.

This year I have been sick what feels like non stop.
In March this year I had developed kidney stones and that was super painful. I ended up passing them on my own I didn't know what it was.
I had to go to ER and have it checked out. And that is what the surgeon on duty diagnosis was.
Then in April I caught a cold from a patient at work, and that developed into full blown pneumonia. I was very ill. I went to a walk in clinic and was assessed by a doctor who is now my GP. She Rx'd 1 round of antibiotics, which didn't work I was still so ill after completing the course of antibiotics.
I went back to see her and she listened to my chest and determined that there was a crackle in my lungs, sounded like asthma. She prescribed "salbutamol" inhaler for me and made a appointment for a pulmonary specialist. she got me in to see him in 3 weeks (which is pretty much unheard of). When I went to see him, he determined that I have asthma. He prescribed "symbicort" I had been taking that as per his directions 2 puffs in the morning 2 puffs in the evening and a puff whenever I felt I needed it.
But this doseage recommendation (from April-July) was giving me serious heart palpitations, and chest pain, light headedness. (I still get the chest pain now and then but it is very slight as well as the light headedness my doctor says that's from the iron deficiency anemia).
Recently when I saw my GP on Sept 23, I told her that I had lowered my dose of the symbicort to once a day only and that has seemed much better on my body.
There is just so many symptoms that I have been having and not being able to attribute them to what cause is frustrating and troubling to me.
I have now noticed blueish halo's in the whites of my eyes. I read that can be attributed to advanced iron deficiency anemia. But I am still concerned. I have a appointment with a optometrist later this morning for a comprehensive eye exam. So hopefully the optometrist can shed some light on my eye health concerns.

I am currently on sick leave from work as there has just been too much going on in my body. I am a surgical technician so I need to stand for my entire shifts and it is a very physical job. I am just not up for it lately, and I am not used to not having energy like this.
I get shortness of breath after walking for 5 minutes. GP says that is a symptom of the anemia.
I spend most of the day at home sitting cross-legged on my bed researching, and reading emails ect. I know that sitting for long periods of time isn't good for hemorrhoids either (if that'd what is what was causing my rectal bleeding earlier this month). I experience the odd feeling of rectal pain (inside). So my GP directed me to use 1 naproxen two times a day (for 2 weeks), and 1 tylenol every 4-6 hours as needed and that along with the Anodan-HC seems to be helping.
In the past I have had rectal bleeding but never like I had experienced this month.
I am wondering if it is possible that it was a reaction to my severe allergic reactions from the iron Dextran Infusion?
Or possibly from a food allergy?
I had those cashews and then experienced severe cramps, foul smelling stool that floated with drops of orange oil in it, followed by diarrhea.
Then right after that is when I started experiencing the rectal bleeding.
So possibly diverticulitis? I have read that sometimes nuts get stuck in the pockets and can cause divurticultis?
Any which way I am concerned that my symptoms may be something serious, such as colorectal cancer, or polyps...ect.
If it is just hemorrhoids can you tell me (if i need to have a procedure done) which procedure is the most efficient at getting rid of hemorrhoids?
And which is the least painful?
I am terrified of surgery for a few reasons; my body is so sensitive to drugs and I worry about  adverse affects, I worry about complications of surgery, also I want to have kids in the next year or two so I don't want anything to ruin my chances for a healthy pregnancy.
Also I have not lost an weight, I know that can be a symptom of cancer.
I am so anxious for my colonoscopy so that I can know what is causing this for sure and somewhat put my mind at ease. I find the "not knowing" to be extremely stressful.
Sorry for the long winded reply thank you for taking the time to read all of it. It's just had to sum everything up without explaining all of the background information as well.
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Sorry just to add to the comment above. Also I am a non smoker.
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