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How to interpret FISH cytogenetic report

My FISH report reads:
(CDKN2Cx1 2, CKS1Bx4 5) 21/200   Does that mean 10.5 % were in cells?
(FGFR3x2, IGHx3) 9/200                  Does that mean 4.5% was found in interphase cells?
(MYEOVx2, IGHx3) 23/200               Does that mean 11.5% was found in interphase cells?
(D13S319,D13S1825) x 2 (200)          What are these designating?
(IGHx2 3, MAFx3) 10/200                 Does that mean 5% of interphase cells express MAF?
(TP53, D17Z1) x 3 (16/200)               Does that mean 8% of interphase cells express TP53?

I know these are all negative prognostics for survival. I want to know if the statements above tell the percent of cells expressing that variable.  I would also like to know if it is fair to say that the test identified 5 separate sub-clones since all of the percents are different meaning not ALL of the MM cells in interphase were expressing these chromosomal variants.

I also have no clue what the 3rd from last notation is designating.  Can you tell me?
Lastly, what is MYEOVx2 when it comes to myeloma cytogenetics?

Thank you kindly.
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