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If a lump never grows is it cancer?

Hi there I have had a hard immovable lump behind my ear for 4 and a bit years in the groove between the mastoid bone and the back of my skull and its not a lymph node or anything else it is a fleshy hard lump. I've been to see many doctors about this and when I was in A and E not too long ago I had a doctor who had worked in oncology and studied cancers under the microscope and I told her my worries about a type of cancer called a sarcoma and she explained to me how from what she could feel and the nature of the lump that she didn't think it was cancer at all and that she thought since the mastoid bone isn't actually part of the skull that when I've been growing up tha the mastoid bone has impacted with my skull slightly and that the lump is impacted tissue that has been pushed out the way. And she also said as my blood tests were perfectly normal and that the lump had not chanced or grown in any way shape or form in over 4 years she wasn't worried. I have also had other doctors tell me the same as it has been there 4 years and not changed not to worry. They don't even want to send me for scans and expose me to radiation i don't need according to them yet they all tell me that some lymph nodes in my neck are swollen they are still not worried. I am still going to ask my GP as he said the next time he sees me that if I am still anxious he will send me up to someone at ENT and they can have a look but they still won't probably give me any scans. My question here really is could this be can cer? I know the lump hasn't changed and tbh it's smooth I don't know if that makes any difference but it's been the same for 4 and a half years and I'm just mainly worried because I have quite large lymph nodes in the area also so could this be cancerous? Every doctor I've seen isn't worried at all
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Please if anyone could answer it would be greatly appreciated
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