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Is a shadow on an x-ray always (or normally) cancer?

I had a nasty fall a couple of weeks ago that left me sore and bruised on one side of my back.  When my back was almost healed, i developed a pretty awful dull ache in my hip and down my leg that would not go away.  After a week or so,I went to the doctor who sent me for an xray.  The xray showed no damage from the fall but showed a "shadow".  Doc is now sending me for a bone scan (with radioactive dye) and indicated that a shadow could mean cancer....I am 37 years old and relatively healthy (a little overweight but I'm working on that)....can this "shadow" be something else or is it normally cancer of some sort?  If it is cancer, does this mean it is "bone cancer"?  What does this mean exactly?
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You have a "density" which suggests an abnormality. Be optimistic and let the diagnostic process continue,

Not having viewed your x-ray, it is impossible to make an opinion. The density could represent a growth, which may be benign and not malignant (not all growths are cancer)  , an infection (tb), fluid ([pneumonia), or fibrosis (from smoking or exposure to an antigen, such as stone dust or asbestos).

Continue with the evaluation and post back when they come to a conclusion.
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Thanks for your response.  I really appreciate it.  Do you know if a bone scan is the right evaluation?  I've been doing some reading on the internet (probably a little too much reading!) but in general it seems that a bone scan is used to see if there is cancer that has metasticized in the bone.  Will it also show primary cancer if there is one?
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I’d like to know how u got on please my son aged 12 has just being diagnosed with osd osgood shlatters a bone desease that affects the cartilage on the tibia but what I was thinking today’s chat in clic was about seams to be wrong that can get better but they mentioned a shadow on his feumer just abouve knee now I’m looking at the xray I can clearly see this shadow and google is always the worst outcome but I cannot find another reason for this
My daughter got this same diagnosis at age 12.  She's 32 and fine. She danced competitively. ANd teaches dance now. She dies ice and Advil when it aches.  
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