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Is it Lymphoma

Dear everyone,

i have a coin sized movable lump on the left front side of my neck. Its been there for a few months. And i think it has increased in size (paranoid i dunno?) It's not painful. However i had itch on my body and i read that its a symptom of lymphoma...i'm so scared. Its not painful when i swallow. Anyone been in a similar situation before?
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Go have it checked  out!! It may be something as small as an infection or it could be as bad as a  cancer, You may need some antibiotics, Be safe and have it checked
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My mother who has both Hodgkin's Disease and non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma first manifested the Hodgkin's Disease with a swollen lymph gland on the right side of her throat. Then, other symptoms appeared... a severe rash that turned into sores along with an uncontrollable itch all over her body; a persistent fever; drenching night sweats and unexplained weight loss.
Mind you, there can be different reasons for a swollen lymph gland. My mom's condition is just one explanation. But, it's not the only explanation as a swollen lymph gland can simply be a symptom of an infection. And, a persistent swollen lymph gland of... "a few months"... would suggest that your immune system is definitely reacting to something. What you need to find out is what that something is.
Like Valerie1954 said, "Go have it checked out." ... Please!
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