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Is this a sign of colon/stomach cancer?

Hey, I'm a 21 year old guy; For the past week or so, I've been feeling quite bloated and gassy for reasons I do not know. I haven't changed my diet or done anything different to my body but I just all of a sudden feel a burning rumble in my stomach at random times. No matter if I eat moderately or not much at all I find myself having to need to use the restroom constantly.

Speaking of eating, I used to eat a whole lot more before I started to feel full. Now it seems after a small meal I'm instantly filled up and I go over that then I feel my stomach cramping and a feeling of wanting to puke, but never actually having to puke. Like some sort of phlegm buildup.

When I do use the restroom, most of the time my stool comes out normal. But on certain occasions, I feel pain in my rectum area and notice the toilet water is bright red-ish. My stool itself isn't melena or dark red, but has a mix of normal stool color blended in with bright red.

I have also noticed that my body has random shooting pain at random times, but nowhere on my body are there any cysts or anything that looks bad. It's a muscle pain that stings more if I pinch and pull the area. And I've also noticed that after I eat something unhealthy or drink caffeine, my heart has this burning feeling that I can't quite tell if it's just my mind making it up or if it is actually heartburn.It is usually relieved after I have some Tums until I do something else unhealthy.

The only thing before that that has happened to me is I developed bronchitis last month and went through my anti-biotics on that and felt normal afterwards. And I'm not going through any rapid weight loss, although I've lost about 20lbs the past five months. Besides that, I just have an anxiety disorder described as "severe" by my doctor.
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There is something going on with your stomach, it might be a viral gastroenteritis, or an active helicobacter pylori infection or irritable bowel syndrome. If it doesnt resolve in a week to ten days you have to visit a doctor near your area. I dont understand why you think it could be cancer. You re so young, dont be afraid. Digestive system is weird, unpredictable and 100% related with your autonomous nervous system so it could be related to your anxiety disorder or more interestingly your anxiety disorder could be caused by your tummy problems and vice versa. Everything is interconnected in your body and its very rare to suffer from something for just one cause. Its usually a combination of factors.
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