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Is this bad for my Health?

Good Day! Can you pls. explain to me the meaning of my x-ray result, Suspicious opacities in left lung apex, superimposed on osseous structures. Heart not enlarged, Trachea is midline. A small tenting deformity noted in right hemidiaphragm (Pluerodiaphragmatic Adhesion, Right). The osseous structures and soft tissues are unremarkable.
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Chest X ray is never specific for any disease. At worst, it causes you to do unnecessary test for additional diagnostic and comfort of knowing.

I'm a physician so I can help to ease your feeling:
1. Your trachea is normal since it is midline
2. Your heart is normal
3. You chest bone is normal
4. Suspicious opacities could mean a lot. It could mean Tuberculosis, tumor, or most of the time nothing serious. If you want answer, you need to do CT
5. The adhesion is most likely nothing serious as well.

Do you have cough, difficulty breathing, history of smoking? What is your age?
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