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Is this oral cancer?

Hi a couple of months ago I had an infection that caused a swollen lymph which has gone down. The lymph node was from infected tonsils. I had lumps and bumps on the back of my throat that I still there even after I had my tonsils out 4weeks ago. I have a skin coloured bump that has been on the tongue for over a month. I have lumps and bumps on the side of my tongue and on my tongue I have a lump on the side of my tongue that isn’t big or small either and had a cut in it and sizzles when I put salt on it I have been putting salt on it for 2 days and it hasn’t gone down or gone big either and I have a white lump where my tonsils used to be and I a few swollen lymph nodes that are small but I do have a lump on side of my neck that hasn’t gone bigger. My tongue is white at the back. I haven’t lost weight and can swallow food fine. I researched oral cancer on google and saw that I have those symptoms and I am experiencing a bit of discomfort in throat. I am freaking out that I have cancer I am only 19 I am soooooo scared. Do you think this is oral cancer?
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Hello and welcome.  We're glad you asked your question and are sorry you are feeling panicked over the symptoms you have.   You recently had your tonsils out and are recovering.  This is important to note as this has likely made you hyper aware of things in your mouth.  I would not think this is cancer but that can't be ruled out via the internet.  An Ear Noes and Throat doctor is a good specialty to help you determine what is going on.  I would imagine since you just had your tonsils removed that you are working with one?  Give them a call to discuss these symptoms.  Likely this is the recovery stage after your surgery.  White tongue could mean bacteria or fungus is growing on your tongue and if you are using salt on a wound and it is not recovering, please get that checked as well.  Here is some information on oral cancer https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/mouth-cancer/symptoms-causes/syc-20350997 but again, these issues should be discussed with your ENT.
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