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LUMP ON MY LEG PLEASE H E L P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I have this lump on my leg about six inches directly below the knee. It is slightly bluish in color. I have had it for 28 year! I am 44. Years ago a doc told me it was a vericose vein and forget about it.
Its in a spot that is very prone to accidents and getting bumped. I remember all through the 90's hitting it and seeing stars. VERY painful.
About three years ago it starting getting bigger. Its 1.75 inches across.
again I showed a different doctor and he said it was a vein and posed no concern for a blod clot, which is what I was worried about.
Last week it was really throbbing so today went to a vascular lab to have a sonogram and vein study. The tech said its not a vein, but its a mass. Its part cycse as there is some liquid but its more solid and there is a blood supply so it a tumor. She called in the vascular surgeon to have a look. he pushed it and I saw stars. He said we need to biopsy. I asked him if he could do it now and he said no in the hospital he would because he wont needle it but rather just remove the whole thing.

So now I am a nervous wreck. What does this sound like? Cancer?
It is constantly inflamed and ulcerated in color. It was also very itchy for a time, it really resembled a varicose vein.
I have injured this thing over 100 times over the years and every time I am doubled up with pain, it hurt so much.
The tech said today its not a cyst because it does have a solid mass that shows on the sonogram. It also has a blood supply (I guess fatty tumors have blood supplies) and its a blueish red color and itches from time to time. She also said it is clearly encapsulated.
My fear is that god forbid it is a cancer its been there for so long it may have spread.
I did research on cancerous tumors that form on the legs and they all say that usually a MRI is done, he is just removing it. SO if it were cancer, how would any oncologist know for sure it was completely cut away?
I cant wait for next week to get this over with. If I had known this I would have had the thing removed in 1985Please someone give me some opinions.
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