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Lip Cancer?

Hey people, i have   had a lip bitting problem for about 10 years now. I bite off the inside skin of the lip, and it used to lead to bleeding howevert his has stopped. The healing process consists of a white, loose membrane growing over it, which then falls of and then the actualk skin grows back on. Ive heard from many people two different opinions, that this habit can lead to cancer and that it cannot. I would like to know if i this implies a risk of cancer?

please help, thank you.
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I don't know hey - many people have studs through their lips and they seem to survive it and that to me is also a form of irritation, like your lip biting habit.  You will know when you have lip cancer, my mom has just had a portion of her bottom lip removed, but this was through sun exposure and lung cancer.

Perhaps try stop biting your lip - there must be some lip cream out there that can prevent you from doing this.

Good luck!
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There is currently no hard evidence to link lip biting to lip cancer. However, biting your lip can predispose you to oral sores and infections. Sometimes, lip biting is associated with some psychological conditions. You should try measures to prevent biting your lip.
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