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Lipo sarcoma
This is, regarding the case of my father in law  who is suffering from liposarcoma

A brief case summary, is given below:-

My father in law , who is now past 85 years had his first surgery - removal of a giant liposarcoma of the rt. thigh in RCC, Thiruvananthapuram, kerla ,India  followed by radiotherapy for 6 weeks in 2006. Then he developed a tumor in his left thigh which was also reamoved next year as it was small, no radiation was done. With in 2 years he had some discomfort in the abdomen and a Ultrasound followed by CT showed a mass in the lesser sac next to the stomach which was removed in 2009 March. Only  90% of it could be removed as it was too close to the stomach and pancreas. Before surgery the CXR and MRI showed 2 small ? secondaries  in the periphery of the right lung (?pleural) and in the spine (D11 - which was irradiated before surgery for 5 days.)

The pathology report for the thigh tumor and abdominal was Liposarcoma (dedifferentiated type ?).

Otherwise my father in law was keeping robust health, his cardiac functions were very good, he has no diabetes and was never admitted before these episodes for any ailment. He has some hypertension( Developed late in life) with atenolol and an ace inhibitor .

Now he has developed very early satiety and epigastric discomfort on eating and also a troublesome dry cough which indicates his abdominal tumor is back and may be the lung secondaries are growing too. The latest ultrasound done on 9/11/09, showed the abdominal tumor is back (approx20cm), though the lung secondaries haven’t increased in size.

With this scenario of multiple tumors related to the liposaroma, we took him to Bangalore Instt of Oncology to examine whether Cyber Knife treatment could be of any use. As suggested by them a PET SCAN and DOTATATE test was conducted and the report obtained states that neither CK nor dotattate is possible in his case.

I would really appreciate your expert opinion   on what  further line of treatment is best suited  for him which will prolong his life without compromising  the quality of life much.

1. Is surgery an option in the given situation ? (followed by Cyber Knife/ chemo)

2.Whether normal radiation method will give him some relief?

3. Are there any other better options we can adopt ?

. I await your reply so that we can take further action . Hoping to hear from you soon.

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